Down Syndrome

Arya at the age of 6 years was diagnosed by Down Syndrome. The parent tried viable options for medications not only in India but also in other western countries. The parents had also visited US for an Stem Therapy but they were not satisfied with it as they could not see any change in him even after spending a huge amount on the therapy. Suddenly MCMA got a call from the parent as they wanted to know to about the therapy and showed more concerned for their child. MCMA team met the parent's and got the detailed case study as well all the reports from them. Their only concern was Development of Speech and Concentration level. The MCMA team studied the medical reports and relevant diagnosis. The Clinical Neuro Therapist initially suggested the parents to go for 15 sessions of HEG Neurofeedback & Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT). As per the procedure, detailed case history was taken from the mother. The children started using monosyllables, but were not clear. In total, 60 therapy sessions were provided. The feedback by the parents and the class teacher of Arya has been summarized below-

1)Clarity in Speech started using words like Food/TV/Papa and so on

2)Started Eating vegetables

3)Significant Increase in Social interaction