MCMA offers various services to person and their families. These include psychiatric evaluation and treatment, assessment, counselling, developmental inputs and opportunity for occupational workshop for rehabilitation. Our services in this segment have been grouped into.

  • Disorder
  • Distress
  • Development

Counselling is a process of actively listening to the client and helping the client to reach a better understanding of self and using the same to make changes in the manner of handling emotions and changing beliefs. At MIND CARE, REBT (Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy), CBT and other appropriate ethical approach are used. Based on the hypothesis that an individual's irrational beliefs result in erroneous and damaging self-appraisals, the interventions used attempts to change these faulty beliefs by emphasizing on cognitive restructuring. It is an action-oriented approach that focuses on examining damaging unconscious assumptions and working to change them. Our therapists utilize many cognitive, affective, and behavioural methods to reorient the patient's belief system.

  • Relationship Counselling
  • Pre-marriage Counselling
  • Marriage Counselling
  • Child/ Teenage Counselling
  • Family Counselling

Career Counselling through various Interest Inventory Tests
Helping School & Parents to Deal Effectively with Issues like Adolescents' Relationships
Early identification and BASIC CLASSROOM management TIPS
Behaviour Modification Approach based Training for Children
Problems Developing Need Based COUNSELLING systems for school
Life Skill & Leadership Workshops Based On the New CCE Format
Conducting workshops for teachers, parents and students based on purely psychological Test Anxiety
Study Skills
Self Esteem
Peer relationships
Dealing with difficult parents
The psychology of love
Getting ready for the 10th class (for the 9th class students)
Being the best you can be (for outgoing students of Class 10)
Health/Hygiene (for girls)
Stress management 

How to Talk About Sex
Abuse Issues (physical, sexual, emotional)
Anger Management
Alcohol and Drugs
Career Decision Making
Anxiety Management
Juggling Multiple Roles
Assertiveness Training
Basic Communication Skills
Basic College Survival Skills
Motivating Yourself to Study
Body Image Issues
Overcoming Procrastination
Coping with Performance Anxiety
Communicating With People Different From You
Communicating about Sex
Coping with Depression
Coping with Health Problems and College
Sexual Assault
Self Esteem
Stress Management
Study Skills
Test Anxiety
Eating Concerns
Test Taking Skills
Grief and Loss
Time Management
How to Help a Friend with a Problem

An EAP, or employee assistance program, is a confidential, short term, counselling service for employees with personal problems that affect their work performance. EAPs are a part of the policies offered by a company for its employees to promote wellness and positive mental health. We offer assessment and consultation services to companies to determine their unique needs for their employees. Our EAP services range from offering counselling services on site or off site, presentations and seminars on enhancing positive mental health, crisis management services to developing specific training workshops based on the needs of the company.

Our counselling services are unique in that we provide counselling from a strength based approach to enhance an individual's mental health and wellbeing. Research shows that troubled employees are less productive than the average worker and EAPs can reduce sick leave usage, work related accidents, grievances, reprimands by supervisors and can increase a person's satisfaction with their work life. In addition, EAPs help by boosting morale, increasing productivity, enhancing organizational health, promoting employee cooperation and retaining employees.

Our EAP counselling services are provided by trained professional counsellors with significant post graduate training in psychology and counselling. We offer counselling for a broad range of psychological and socio-cultural issues and counselling is provided in the form of individual counselling, group counselling, couples counselling or child and parental counselling. Issues that we work with include (but are not limited to) depression, anxiety, marital problems, relationship difficulties, substance abuse, sexual orientation issues, abuse, trauma, academic concerns, workplace problems such as burnout, balancing work and personal life and stress management. Our counselling services meet the highest standards of professional practice and we adhere to the strictest ethical guidelines in our practice.

We also offer crisis management services to companies to help them cope with critical incidents or crises that occur in their work environment. These incidents can range from accidents, death of employees or suicides, which can cause significant trauma to individuals in the workplace. We offer immediate crisis response services, which include:

Debriefing sessions 
Crisis counselling 

Ongoing support services for individuals to cope with the trauma

In addition, we encourage companies to offer their employees seminars and presentations on positive mental health and well being through our interactive EAP presentations. Common presentation that are useful to employees include stress management, time management, balancing work and personal life, assertiveness skills, communication skills and healthy relationships.
The MCMA's objective is to provide clients with psychological services that are of the highest international standards. In addition, our services are effective and make a difference to the lives of people in an organization.

Psychological services consist of individual counselling and psychotherapy, couples counselling for married and unmarried couples as well as straight and gay couples, family counselling, career counselling and psychological assessments. Our primary goal is to improve wellbeing by ensuring that all spheres of an individual's life are addressed. We provide our clients the support they need to help them make positive and needed changes in their professional and personal lives.
Our services are professional, accessible and meet the highest standards in the field of mental health. We currently offer the following services:

  • On and off site counselling
  • Online Counselling
  • Telephonic counselling
  • Emergency counselling and debriefing
  • Post Trauma Services
  • Career counselling