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Principal, Kalyandeep School (Mumbai)

An 7 years girl who has been diagnosed with Autism and subsequent Learning Difficulties, and presently undergoing HEG-NFB training stated in the Feedback Form that "there were tangible and visible improvements in her speech patterns, ability to finish things she has started, ability to take proper care of self, etc., after the 25th session." More importantly, this is what the Headmistress of the school where the girl studies, had to say after she had completed her 15th session of HEG-NFB and LLLT modalities, "I am seeing that she has become much more disciplined in the classroom."
What makes the comment so remarkable is that it did not come from the girl's parents, but from a neutral observer like the School Headmistress who was not even aware that the child was undergoing HEG-NFB like training!

An 13-year old boy diagnosed with Attention Deficit and Impulsive Behavior, undergoing HEG-NFB and LLLT training in Delhi, said this in his Feedback after the 20th session: "In academics, he is doing well and concentrating also. His teachers are happy that his hyper activity has been reduced and there is an overall improvement in his behaviour. There is much improvement in his physical health and he is applying analytical thoughts in academics due to increase in concentration level".

A 10 year old Autistic girl undergoing HEG Neurofeedback training at Mumbai showed remarkable positive changes in her overall personality, social behaviour and ability to pay attention over 40 sessions, as per the Feedback Report filled by her parents. The girl made: A 45% improvement in ability to get involved with others; 40% improvement in ability to express emotions appropriately; 27% improvement in ability to feel happier, excited, and energetic; 50% improvement in ability to converse with others effectively; 60% improvement in self-confidence; 44% improvement in ability to act independently; 39% improvement in ability to help herself in most day-to-day activities; 26% improvement in ability to show love and affection for others; 25% improvement in ability to follow rules at school and home; 35% improvement in ability to take care of self; 40% improvement in sensory awareness and; 30% improvement in awareness of environment.

A 9 year old male diagnosed as Slow Learner wrote in the Feedback Form after about just 30 sessions of HEG-NFB and LLLT training: "My son's performance in school improved significantly after he joined MIND CARE's training program in the second term and he scored 69 percent in the second term, as compared to 56 percent in the first term. He also played drums during the school program and received praise and appreciation from everyone for his performance."