Attention Deficits Hyperactivity Disorder

Ali at the age of 7 diagnosed with ADHD. Then onward, he has been on medication since last 5 years. A Psychiatrist used to prescribe the mild doses of Medications for the school and other routine activities during the day time. In case if the parents miss the medication dose, the situation would be uncontrollable in school and home. Ali had difficulty in concentration during school as well as tuition class. He was very hyper active which was manifested in his behavior and social interaction. The mother was concerned with excessive talking, impatient and hyper activity. The MCMA team studied the medical reports and relevant diagnosis. The Clinical Neuro Therapist initially suggested the parents to go for 10 sessions of HEG Neurofeedback & Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT). As per the procedure, detailed case history was taken from the mother. There was visible change in the reduction of hyper activity just after 6 sessions. In total, 40 therapy sessions were provided. The feedback by the parents and the class teacher of Ali has been summarized below-

i) Reduce in Hyper Activity

ii) Excessive improvement for sustaining Concentration and Increase in Attention span

iii) Satisfactory Social interaction and communication

iv) Improvement in planning and organization

v) Started Following Instructions in more cohesive manner

vi) A surprising effect for his mom was that Alia's drawings have become more detailed; stick figures become prominent, characters with a shape, form and title.

As the improvement was quite satisfactory, the psychiatrist started reducing the dose of anti-depressants and finally stopped it.

The statistical tool of ANOVA was used to calculate the data of the 40 sessions divided into 1st set of 20 sessions with 2nd set of 20 sessions. The critical value of F  = 5.7 was significant at P= 0.05 level .